Personal Attention

The core of our business is based on the time we take to get to know the details of you, the floral specialist, in order to tailor an experience based on your unique needs, styles of design and the manner in which you operate.

We take the time to develop these relationships, discussing story boards, color palettes, and the feel and mood that you, the florist, intend to convey to your client with your designs and events. Customers email, DM, text, and call us with their orders. We follow up with an extensive and personal consultation on every order. Our experience has given me a large community of local farmers for the finest flowers to match the requests of each order and knowledge of the best farms that are in close proximity to our customers in order to maximize freshness and minimize freight costs and footprint.

Flower Hunting

We consult with event specialists on theme, shades, and budget. We then research the availability of the flowers, textures, and hues, beginning with local farmers and spanning outwards if necessary. Farmers do not always have a current crop of exactly what’s needed, but they are certainly willing to recommend a fellow grower who might have the flowers you desire.

Flower hunting on behalf of customers almost always leads us to the blooms we’re searching for and allows us to find the flowers at a great value. It’s also an effective tool in extending our network to include new farmers and unusual floral products. Once local options are truly exhausted, we widen our search to domestic and international markets.

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